The Drawing Room (the story of Joan Clapés)

Joan Clapes

The exhibition aims to stress the importance of creativity in the course of the development, the realisation and the happiness of the individual.

It is decisive that over the course of our lives there should be room for the many forms of expression linked exclusively with personal determination rather than academic achievement or Manichean judgements because it is only when creativity and the imagination are allowed to flow freely that reality is never prosaic but rather an adventure where liberty is the single most important ingredient.

The recognition of the capacity to change the everyday where this is contrary or negative needs enthusiasm. Only this attitude is able to convert everyday life, not into a succession of events nor into a struggle or a resigned acceptance of the unexpected but rather into something conscious with an authentic and profound meaning.

Heinz Vontin's Eivissa

Exhibition: Heinz Vontin. fotografies | Museu Puget (temporal halls)
From: 9 April until 31 October 2014 · 40 Images b/n · Author: Heinz Vontin from the Arxiu d'imatge i so del Consell d'Eivissa