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Exposició Puget

Opening: 27.05.16 - 7 pm

This exhibition is comprised of a series of images, developed and printed on photographic paper and which derive from the slides made by Narciso Puget Riquer during the 1960 – 70s and are part of the private collection of the artist´s daughters and heirs: Maria Asunción y Guillermina Puget Reig.
Puget Riquer took the majority of the images in Santa Eulalia del Río, where he lived together with his wife and two daughters at the time although he also took photographs in the city of Ibiza as well as various villages and hamlets on the island and on Formentera.
His family, the landscape and his friends were the main focus for his attention. However, in the exhibition we decided only to include the landscapes on the basis of a careful selection which would lead the viewer´s eyes towards the most sensitive aspects of his work which stress the light, its brightness, its contrasts and its intensity.
Through this exhibition we are able to familiarise ourselves with the seriousness and dedication of the artist towards photography in the latter years of his life in which his creative potential was channelled into his camera. In spite of always feeling that it was a pastime, it was a serious eye injury which led to him permanently losing his sight in his right eye which lead to his finding the ideal form of expression in photography which also was a form of relaxation for him of the strict regime of rigorousness required by painting.

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