Temporal exhibitions

  • Mariano Yera
    Fins al 17 d'abril de 2017 | Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Eivissa
    Selecció d'onze obres de la col·lecció Yera

  • ACruzvillegas2Mèxic, 1968 | Autorretrato ciego recogiendo mis tripas de la arena mientras escucho centenares de campanas que me hacen recordar mis fondos de ahorro para el retiro, 2014.

The musem

  • L'edifici antic

    The historic building is a building designed by the military engineer Simon Poulet, plans which was signed in 1727 and it makes using the old bunker halfed-bury the embankment Bastion of St. John, built by Jacopo Paleazzo "The Fratín" to the late sixteenth century.

  • MACE

    The arbitrated solution for the architect of the project and director of the work, Victor Beltran Roca analyzes seriously the planning in the area and it is at the filling of the Bastion the optimal possibility to make room for the museum's needs without overwhelming the urban landscape with new volumes.


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